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Persons entitled to receive allowances in the RA are...
The types of the allowances are...
There is also another type of assistance in the form of lump-sum cash benefit that is granted to the families eligible for family allowances:
The rate of emergency assistance is 10, 000 AMD. It is assigned for the period of 3 months and is revised each quarter. 
The base rate of the family benefit is 10,000 AMD. 
The size of the benefit for the care of child under 2 years of age is set at rate of 18,000 AMD per month for employed mothers.
To receive the care benefit for a child under 2 years of age, 
The benefit payment shall commence from the month following the month, when the employer’s order of being of the parent on the child care leave is put into effect, provided that he/she has applied within 12 months thereafter.
While the lump-sum child birth benefit is set at the rate of 50 thousand AMD, 
For the birth in a family of the third child, as well as each of the following children,
To be granted lump-sum benefit in connection with child birth, 
One of the adult family members shall apply to
Cash benefits, set at rate of 300 thousand AMD, is granted in connection with child birt
The family, in which one of its members is considered as a pensioner