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A citizen of the RA is considered to be a citizen with dual citizenship if he/she, 
A citizen of the RA that possesses dual citizenship is recognized by the RA (as a person that is) only as a citizen of the RA.

According to the RA Law “On Citizenship” the RA citizenship is acquired:

According to 12th point of the Annex 2 of the RA Government Decision N. 1390-N   
Documents necessary for acquiring the RA citizenship:
If the citizen of the Republic of Armenia acquires or receives citizenship of other country 
Passport and Visa Department of the RA Police or territorial subdivision of the Police of the RA 
In case of informing  on acquiring or receiving citizenship of the other state in person the applicant should present the following documents: 
Application includes the name of the body 
If the RA citizen  acquires or receives citizenship of another state
If a citizen of the RA,
The RA dual citizen has all the rights prescribed to the citizens of the RA 
A citizen of another state who has adopted the citizenship of the RA 
Only those dual citizens, who are in the territory of the Republic of Armenia